June 22, 2021
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Labradorite Stone: Meaning, Crystal, Healing/Metaphysical Properties & Uses. Find here Labradorite Stone, we’re one of the best labradorite gemstones manufacturers, suppliers & exporters.

What is Labradorite?

Labradorite is found on the coast of Labrador, where it occurs in a pluton in association with alkali feldspar megacrysts, quartz, and felsic enclaves. It has been reported from a number of localities in small amounts but is usually too weathered to be faceted except for cabochons and beads. Labradorite commonly contains white calcite or yellow/orange limonite needles which impart the characteristic “flash” to the gem. It can be found in shades of blue and green showing the characteristic sparkle that resembles the flash of an artificial diamond.

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Labradorite is gray to gray-black feldspar, which shows remarkable unique optical phenomena, and is called labradorite. The luminous effect produces stunning metallic spectrum colors, including bright blue, purple, green, red, orange and golden yellow. The color display can resemble a rainbow-colored pattern on a butterfly & wings, which usually displays blue or green light. Labradorite with blue-green glitter is mainly distributed in Labrador, Canada. Labradorite adds vitality to the Throat Chakra. Helps express and improve communication. Labradorite prevents energy loss and protects aura energy. It also contributes to spiritual improvement. This is a good stone for people related to religion or public speaking.

Labradorite is a natural dark semi-precious stone from the Feldspar mineral family. When light is reflected from its surface, it will show some bright internal flashes of peacock blue, copper red, light green and gold (called Labra More light). It is considered an excellent healing gemstone, which helps the wearer maintain an active, efficient and healthy body. 


In addition to the beauty of the benefits of labradorite, natural labradorite is also valued for its powerful metaphysical and healing properties. Because of its beautiful color flashing, ancient people believed that labradorite was a frozen form of auspicious northern lights, which could bring good luck and enthusiasm to the user’s life, and improve psychological and intuitive abilities: the metaphysical properties of labradorite help To play the best people, make your work life more enjoyable. The use of high-quality labradorite benefits users by enhancing their intuition and analysis capabilities.

Reduce impulsive behavior and addictive tendencies: Labradorite is considered a highly protective gemstone that helps to reduce rebellious behavior, natural rebellion, impulsive behavior and unhealthy addiction. It is believed that labradorite healing energy can calm the mood and help users recover from anxiety and pain. 

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Treatment of digestive and respiratory diseases: In chakra healing therapy, labradorite healing crystals are considered to be very beneficial to the user’s lungs and can help digestion. Regulation and metabolism. According to the therapist, the use of labradorite also benefits people who suffer from eye diseases, body pain, or brain diseases. Quality In the market, the quality of labradorite gems ranges from low to high. For buyers, in order to find the best quality labradorite gemstones within their budget, they must have prior knowledge of the determinants of quality. Generally, the overall quality of labradorite gemstones is assessed by its source, color, clarity and shape. 


The free-form labradorite is more widely available and has a relatively low value. The price of labradorite Despite its amazing beauty and unique visual effects, labradorite is considered a fairly affordable gem. Its good availability may be the reason for its generous price. However, in business, the value of labradorite depends largely on its source, color, clarity, cut and carat weight.

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Note: The starting price of Labradorite in India is per carat___as mentioned in___Rupee, and the highest price is per carat___as mentioned in____Rupees and more . Due to the difference in supply and demand cycles, the price of labradorite in other countries (such as the United States, the United Kingdom and the UAE) may be different.


According to gem experts, high-quality labradorite gems with red and orange radiance come mainly from mines in Finland and Madagascar. These high-quality works usually require a higher premium. The quality of labradorite gemstones comes from mining locations in Madagascar, Canada, Finland and Finland. Australia, Africa, Newfoundland, Norway, the United States and Russia.

According to gem experts, Finnish labradorite is considered more valuable because they usually show full color in sparks. These high-quality labradorite crystals are often referred to as spectral stones.

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Dark labradorite has a strong color flicker and is considered very rare and valuable. In gem trading, the price of labradorite rose sharply, showing the sparkle of colors other than blue. Red, copper and orange gemstones are highly sought after and therefore have high value.

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However, if the sparks are strong and evenly distributed, a little bit of purple and blue labradorite can also get a higher price. The color of natural labradorite gemstones is gray to gray-black with glitter. In the market, labradorite with blue and green sparkles is easily available, while labradorite with fiery orange, copper and red sparkles is becoming less and less. According to trade rules, the brighter the sparks and the more colors, the higher the quality of the labradorite. 


Labradorite gems are mainly cut into beautiful cabochons (polished faceless gems) to enhance the sense of color. Generally, polished labradorite cabochons defined as shapes (round, oval, or pear-shaped) are considered more preferable.


Labradorite gems are classified as & lass III in the clarity index, which means that almost all works will have a certain degree of inclusions. Labradorite is a naturally embedded gemstone that is expected to have visible flaws.  Therefore, natural labradorite gemstones have the least inclusions, good transparency and smooth surface are considered high-quality gemstones.

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Therefore, for gems with minimal visible defects, good transparency and bright luster, the cost of labradorite will increase sharply in shape: due to its reasonable shape, free-form labradorite cabochons can be purchased at a fairly affordable price. However, for perfectly shaped round, oval, square or pear-shaped labradorite, when personalized as a ring, pendant or bracelet, it should look amazing, so you should pay a higher price. Therefore, for larger stones and higher carat weights, the price of labradorite increases linearly per carat.


Labradorite rocks have very large dimensions and are suitable for cladding office buildings. Sometimes this material is cut into a cabochon. Amateurs often cut larger crystals of elongated stone and uniform Schiller (rather than smaller, randomly oriented grains) into cabochons. For this purpose, the best material comes from Finland, but this material is rare and very expensive compared to other feldspars. Faceted gemstones are known to weigh up to 130 carats. There may be some larger material, but the break of the blank prevents the cutting of larger stones.

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FAQ (Frequently requested questions)

1. Why Labradorite?

Labradorite has superior qualities in terms of everything. There are many positive effects of wearing it and there is no negative effect of wearing it. It is available easily in the market but you have to take care of the authenticity.

2. How to look if it’s authentic?

There are various ways to test that. In this article we have told you mostly of them. Other ways are hard to do and mostly not possible at home.

3. How to buy Labradorite gemstones online?

You can easily get that from our website. Just search ‘Labradorite’ in the search bar or directly click on this link to find out the most beautiful Labradorite gemstones in the various designs. Isn’t that easy so much?

You can also ask your queries regarding Labradorite value, labradorite price per carat, labradorite for sale, labradorite jewelry, labradorite gem or, any gemstone products just by commenting below in the comment box. If you’ve any suggestions, we’ll love to hear that from you.

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