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May 10, 2021
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Grandidierite Gemstone (Blue-Green) Value, Price per carat, Rings, Jewelry Info. Find Grandidierite for sale with other Madagascar Gemstones.

Grandidierite is taken into account one among the rarest gems within the world. it had been found on the coast of southern Madagascar. The recent and therefore the newest deposit of the stone Grandidierite is outside the town of Tranomaro near the locality of Andrahomana.

It is found within the sort of strong bluish & greenish to aqua translucent to transparent crystals measuring up to fifteen × 7 × 3 cm. Grandidierite is the magnesium end member within the solid-solution series with ominelite because the iron end member. The studied samples have a very low Fe/(Mg + Fe) ratio. This confirms that the Tranomaro deposit, alongside Johnsburg within the New State, provides the purest grandidierite ever found. The crystals host inclusions of Cl-apatite, zircon, and monazite.

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Grandidierite Stone was named after Famous French naturalist Alfred Grandidier(1836-1912).

This stone is extremely rare and orthorhombic magnesium and iron aluminous borosilicate with the formula (Mg,Fe)Al3(BO3)(SiO4)O2 (Lacroix, 1902, 1922a,b)

  • The Grandidierite was first discovered at the coasts of Andrahomana, within the southern area of Madagascar. Grandidierite may be a bluish green to aqua mineral.
  • Thee blue component is the iron content of it. it’s transparent to translucent with a straw to colorless, aqua , and blue trichroism.

Since its discovery, grandidierite has been found as a rare accessory mineral in aluminous boron-rich pegmatite; in aplite, gneiss, and crystalline rock related to charnockite and in rock subjected to local high-temperature, low-pressure metamorphism. Additionally to Madagascar, it’s been reported from New Zealand, Norway, Suriname, Algeria, Italy, Malawi , India, the US , Canada, Antarctica, the Czech Republic , and other localities. Yet gem-quality grandidierite is extremely rare. Facetable gem material larger than a millimeter has only been found in Madagascar and Sri Lanka; the latter is the source of a clean faceted specimen weighing 0.29 ct.

The type locality described by Lacroix (1902) was visited in 1960 by C. Mignot, who was unable to seek out additional grandidierite at the location , because the small pegmatite was depleted. Since then, grandidierite has been reported during a few other localities in southern Madagascar that have also since been depleted. This study focuses on a replacement deposit discovered in May 2014 near Tranomaro, on the brink of the first locality of Andrahomana.

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The crystalline bedrock of Madagascar is described in terms of six geodynamic blocks that outline the constituent elements of the Precambrian Shield these are, from southwest to northeast, the Vohibory, Androyan-Anosyan, Ikalamavony, Antananarivo, Antongil-Masora, and Bemarivo domains. Because the results of a significant five-year study funded by the earth Bank, the Precambrian geology of Madagascar has been reinterpreted. The Ranotsara shear zone marks the approximate boundary between the Archean crust to the north and a more modern basement to the south.

The Androgen domain of southern Madagascar is indeed a continental terrane of Paleoproterozoic age (1.8–2.0 billion years ago). it had been accreted to the Vohibory domain, an oceanic terrane of early Neoproterozoic age, in Cryogenian time (about 0.62–0.64 billion years ago). a primary deformation (600–650 Ma) gave rise to recumbent isoclinal folds and a regional shallow-dipping foliation, with a second deformation (500–530 Ma) producing steep north-south-trending shear zones that separate five gneissic tectonic belts. The last episode of Madagascar’s Neoproterozoic geodynamic evolution is marked by the alkaline magmatism of the Ambalavao suite, which forms major batholith intrusions (up to 1400 km2). Numerous pegmatitic vein intrusions associated with this episode are directly related to gem and rare earth element (REE) mineralization. A final magmatic activity during the Cretaceous is expressed by the metavolcanic And Roy Massif.

A grandidierite-bearing pegmatite is found within the Anosyan domain. At Cape Andrahomana, where grandidierite was first described, it had been associated with quartz, microcline, red almandine, pleonaste, andalusite, and biotite during a pegmatite and an aplite (Lacroix, 1922a,b). Grandidierite was also found 30 km to the north, near Vohibola, during association with serendibite and sinhalite during a diopsidite-bearing paragneiss (Razakamanana et al., 2010). it had been related to quartz within the Nahampoana quarry near Tolagnaro (Farges, 2001) and at Sacatelo, Ambamata, Marotrana, and Sahakondra, near Esira (McKie, 1965; Farges, 2001). it had been also found in association with serendibite and tourmaline in anatectic gneiss near Ihosy (Nicollet, 1990). These reports relate only microscopic crystals of grandidierite, and thus the Lacroix finding from a century ago remains the only one of gemological interests. Grandidierite was recently reported from a mine near Tolagnaro, with no further information yet.


A new deposit of grandidierite was discovered in May 2014 by two of the authors and their mining team, about 15 km from the village of Tranomaro. The area is located in the Amboasary district of southern Madagascar’s Anosy region, 60 km northwest of Cape Andrahomana. Access from Tolagnaro is via a 60 km paved road west to Amboasary Atsimo, followed by a rough, unpaved 50 km road north to Tranomaro that needs a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Final access from the village of Tranomaro to the deposit is half each day by foot only. Security may be a problem because bandits operate throughout the region.

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Mining is completed by hand thanks to the locality’s remote location, its limited production, and its irregular, discontinuous veins con to large linear veins. The deposit itself extends over a few acres. The weathered pegmatite is exploited by near-surface artisanal and small-scale mining. Using spades and pickaxes, about 12 miners dig holes up to a depth of 15 meters. These open-air corridors cross-cut two grandidierite-bearing veins separated by 30 cm to a couple of meters. The uppermost tunnel is named “Vein 1,” while the deeper one is “Vein 2.” The rough blue crystals are manually extracted and sorted on-site. The workers carefully remove the precious mineral specimens to avoid damaging them. Between May 2014 and March 2016, 800 kg of rough specimens were produced. Mining remains ongoing as of this writing.


Using standard gemological methods, we tested a dozen grandidierite crystals from the 2 veins near Tranomaro for pleochroism, fluorescence reaction, and relative density at the French Geological Survey (BRGM) in Orléans, France. After the samples were prepared as polished thin sections, we observed them under a polarizing microscope. The crystals’ chemical homogeneity was investigated with a scanning microscope (SEM) on sections that had been carbon coated under vacuum (approximately 20 nm thick). The observations were performed on a Tescan Mira3 XMU field-emission scanning microscope (FE-SEM) at 15 kV, and therefore the SEM images were collected employing a doped YAG scintillator-type back scattered electron (BSE) detector. Energy-dispersive spectra were obtained by an EDAX TEAM EDS system with an Apollo XPP silicon drift detector.

A Cameca SXFive electron microprobe was wont to investigate the grandidierite’s chemical composition, including boron content. The standards were boron nitride (B-Kα), Al2O3 (Al-Kα), orthoclase (K-Kα), MnTiO3 (Mn-Kα, Ti-Kα), andradite (Si-Kα, Ca-Kα), Fe2O3 (Fe-Kα), MgO (Mg-Kα), UO2 (U-Mβ), and ThO2 (Th-Mα). All analyses were performed at an acceleration voltage of 15 kV and a beam current of 20 nA. Count time was 10 s for Mg, Al, Si, K, and Ca; 20 s for Ti; 30 s for Fe and Mn; 60 s for Th and U; and 480 s for B. A ϕρ(Z) method was chosen for data correction. B-Kα intensity was measured in peak area integration mode, while boron intensity was calibrated with a boron nitride reference sample (coated alongside the grandidierite samples). The chemical composition is expressed as atoms per formula units (apfu) supporting nine atoms of oxygen.

To confirm the mineral identification, powdered samples and thin sections were analyzed by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Raman microspectroscopy, respectively. The XRD analyses were performed on randomly oriented powders using soda-lime capillaries 0.5 mm in diameter; they were administered from 6° to 75° 2θ on a Bruker D8 Advance diffractometer with Cu-Kα radiation (λ=1.5418 Å, 40 kV, and 40 mA) and a Lynx-Eye 1D detector, employing a step size of 0.04° 2θ and a step time of 1,920 seconds. Bruker’s Diffrac Plus Eva software was chosen for the info analysis. In addition, Raman measurements were formed on polished thin sections with a Renishaw inVia Reflex system coupled to a Leica DM2500 microscope with a 100× objective (numerical aperture = 0.9). The Raman scattering was excited by a 514 nm diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser, and therefore the spectrometer was calibrated using the 520.5 cm–1 line of a silicon standard before each measurement session. Several acquisitions were accumulated to enhance the signal-to-noise . Raman spectra of a minimum of 10 spots on each crystal were recorded to make sure the consistency of the info .


Gemstone quality Grandidierite only are available reminder blue and green with the soft neon blue color the foremost wanted , although this is often quite relative as any color Grandidierite is very valuable. The color itself is caused by minute traces of iron impurities and therefore the more iron that appears the bluer the gemstone.

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Because of its crystal make-up Grandidierite can appear to be two or maybe three different colors counting on which angle it’s viewed. As you switch it in your hand it can flash from yellow to green to blue and even colorless in some examples. This unusual phenomenon is named pleochroism and only occurs during a small number of gemstones.

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Grandidierite may be a silicate mineral made up mostly of magnesium, aluminum and boron that’s colored by traces of iron. The natural mineral isn’t particularly rare but translucent specimens OK for gemstones are often found (still very rare) while transparent examples able to be faceted are extremely rare and valuable.


Discovering Grandidierite within the ground is difficult enough but when it’s mined most of the rough is opaque and therefore the small quantities deemed deserve becoming gemstones are usually translucent. These are still a rare and delightful gemstone when cut and polished into cabochons.

Even rarer are specimens that are a minimum of eye-clean transparent gemstones. In 2014 miners in southern Madagascar struck a vein of Grandidierite which yielded 800kgs of rough material. From this they were ready to glean 60g of transparent gemstones!

Once you’ve got a transparent piece of Grandidierite rough this is often only the start of the challenge as cutting and faceting this gemstone is difficult. The cutter will aim to maximise the effect of pleochroism which flashes two or three colors when turned to different angles while retaining the maximum amount weight as possible. In addition, the gemstone features a bent to crack in two directions (known as cleavage) if not carved with care . This is yet one more reason anything larger than a carat of Grandidierite becomes enormously expensive.


The fact that it’s a comparatively newly discovered gemstone and it’s extremely rare means there’s little or no known about its spiritual strengths so be a touch wary of too many claims about its powers – especially any ‘traditional’ energies.

The presence of iron will have some influence in fact and a few say this gemstone gives its owner inner strength, confidence and aids clear thinking which ties in with the spiritual power of iron. Further it can assist in logical thought processes and organization in life and work.

Grandidierite features a more obvious link to the Chakras through its distinctive color as we shall see within the next few paragraphs.


Chakras are the energy centers in your body also mentioned as Qi or Prana. There are seven Chakras throughout the body each influencing a specific physical, emotional or psychological state.

The seven chakras are as follows:

  • Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, coeliac plexus , Sacral and Root.
  • The word Chakra may be a Sanskrit word sense wheel. Each chakra is assigned a color of influence and a gemstone which features a particularly dominant color are going to be connected thereupon color’s chakra point.

Sometimes in life our Chakras become unbalanced or blocked and wish to be realigned or cleansed. One way to try to do this is often through the utilization of Chakra healing stones. These stones or crystals are colored to correspond to individual chakras, red for the basis Chakra, orange for the Sacral, yellow for the coeliac plexus , green for the guts , blue for the Throat, Indigo for the pineal eye and purple for the Crown Chakra.

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With its definite green to blue colors we will see that Grandidierite will have an immediate influence on two Chakras, the guts and therefore the Throat. If the gemstone is more green than blue it’ll hook up with the guts Chakra and help how you relate to people and govern the love, compassion and empathy in your life. The blue gemstones will have more effect on the Throat Chakra which can help with matters of communication and expression. A turquoise Grandidierite gemstone will help with both Chakras!


We are often asked the way to use gemstones for spiritual or health benefits and while we are never experts during this field we’ve gained some experience and knowledge. Of course wearing the gemstone as a bit of jewellery is that the easiest method for the crystal to influence your body.

Certain colors have connection to different parts of the body, for instance green Grandidierite is related to the guts chakra so a pendant might be ideal while blue Grandidierite is connected to the throat chakra so a group of earrings or a centerpiece on a necklace would be good .

Alternatively they will be placed in your purse or pocket and used as a touchstone throughout the day. Hold crystals or place them in your lap while meditating. Easiest of all, just lay down with crystals on your body, lined up with the chakra points if possible. Put them within the bath (check the actual stone is impervious to water). Decorate your home with crystals and certain crystals boost the working environment so keep them on your desk, others assist you relax so keep them within the lounge or living room.

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Again Grandidierite gemstones don’t have any traditional physical healing powers but the links to the Throat and Heart Chakra point to the a part of the body that it’ll aid the foremost – heart, blood flow and therefore the systema respiratorium also as sore throats, swollen lymph nodes, tonsillitis and viral infections.

To cleanse a Grandidierite gemstone, hold it under running water, a spring or stream is right but a faucet will suffice, while picturing the inhibitions flushing away. Then allow the Grandidierite to dry within the sun for a half an hour approximately.


What is Grandidierite price per carat & How much does it cost?

There is little question that Grandidierite may be a very expensive gemstone with eye-clean transparent examples easily reaching $20,000 per carat with anything bigger than two or three carats demanding even more.

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The overwhelming majority of Grandidierite gemstones sold are described as translucent or transparent but with many inclusions or flaws. However these gemstones are genuinely quite beautiful with the faceted cuts displaying the change of color from green to blue to clear and revealing charming clouds and swirls within.

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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

1. Why Grandidierite?

Grandidierite has superior qualities in terms of everything. There are many positive effects of wearing it and there is no negative effect of wearing it. It is available easily in the market but you have to take care of the authenticity.

2. How to see if it is authentic?

There are various ways to test that. In this article we have told you mostly of them. Other ways are hard to do and mostly not possible at home.

3. How to buy Grandidierite gemstones online?

You can easily get that from our website. Just search ‘Grandidierite’ in the search bar or directly click on this link to find out the most beautiful Grandidierite gemstones in the various designs. Isn’t that easy so much?

You can also ask your queries regarding grandidierite value, grandidierite price per carat, grandidierite for sale, grandidierite jewelry, grandidierite gem, grandidierite rings or, any gemstone products just by commenting below in the comment box. If you’ve any suggestions, we’ll love to hear that from you.

Thank you for reading till the end. 🙂

Have a great day ahead. ^_^

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